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Need Expert Hail or Storm Damage

Roof Repairs or Replacement You Can Trust?

Storm damage to your home is really frustrating and stressful. We help you GET APPROVED by your insurance

3 Simple Steps to Fix Your Roof


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We will Inspect and Asses Your Damage

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Your Insurance
(We help with the Insurance Hassles and Approval)


Let us Do All The Work
(We even guarantee your cleanup)

We Help You Avoid Unnecessary Complications...

Avoid Insurance Hassles

We are the insurance approvl experts and will help you deal with getting approved for your roof damage.

Avoid Paying for Repairs Due to Poor Workmanship

Our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty keeps money in your pocket.

Avoid Paying for Repairs Due to Lower Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality materials from established suppliers to ensure the protection of your home for years to come.

Why We are Invested in You

Get What You Were Promised

Our guarantees and warranties keep us accountable for the work and quality that you paid for.

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Price-Locked Estimates

Using the highest quality materials that are backed by the best available warranties in the industry ensures your family and home stay

Protect your Home and Family

Your roof is the first layer of defense when it comes to protecting your most valuable assets.

Simplifying Owner's Lives!

5 star

Great service, start to finish, they handled all the work with the insurance company, and they did a great job cleaning up when they finished. Love the drone pictures, nice touch.

– Joe Burns

5 star

5 star

Roofs R Us has friendly professional workers. My work was done quickly and well. Along with the shingles I had a skylight and chimney pipes replaced and were very pleased with the results.

– Clark Osborne

Don't Delay to Avoid Further Problems

Avoid Costly Damage to the Interior of Your Home

The longer it takes the fix the damage the more likely further damage will be done to the home. Protect the rest of your home by fixing your roof today.

Avoid Longterm Effects of Mold

Leaking water caused by a damaged roof will eventually turn into mold if not corrected quickly. Protect your family from potential sickness and get your roof repaired soon.

Avoid More Time and Stress

If your roof is damaged, it is only a matter of time before you have to deal with it. By that point, more time, effort, and money could be required to correct
the damage that has been done.
Make the right choice now.

How We Make Roofing Simple for You

Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty

Every job is protected by a Guaranteed Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty that covers any repairs due to installation errors

Guaranteed Estimates Outside of Your Insurance Claim

You pay what we quoted you. Period. Only if unforeseen damage is uncovered will we have grounds to discuss changing the price on the project.

Storm Damage Specialists

After experiencing hail, wind or other storm damage, we fight for you to ensure that you get all that you are entitled to when filing an insurance claim. We can often help you get a better roof than the one you started with.

Keeping it Simple for You!

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As a twin cities homeowner who is trying to repair or replace your roof you no doubt want to save as much time and money as you can. Your life is already complicated enough and I know that roof problems can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. It's frustrating that more time is being taken from your already busy life, but it's just plain wrong that a roof should make your life more complicated.

We have implemented our simple roofing process with hundreds of homeowners in the twin cities and helped them fix their roofs to keep their life simple. I am a Blaine, MN resident and it's my mission to simplify your life through roofing!

Call us today to schedule a no obligation inspection. We will then work with your schedule to set a project date. While we take care of your roof you can sit back and relax, knowing we will be out of your hair in no time.

Avoid wasting more time and energy haggling with other roofing contractors that only make you feel more confused and overwhelmed. Let us help you gain some clarity with our simple process to get your roof back to functioning the way it should.

The only thing you have to lose is time. Call me today so you don't lose more of it!

Luke Vogel, General Manager

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