Have ice dam problems? Its likely because you lack eave ventilation. Install vented soffit with Roofs R Us and take a vacation in the winter.


Tired of painting your fascia and window trims, install custom wraps and fascia. The average cost to wrap your windows and fascia is x2 the cost of painting however wraps will last forever.

Let Roofs R Us design a custom soffit and fascia solution for your home. In doing so you will be installing a maintenance free system that will improve the health of your home.


Advantages of Replacing Soffits

Want to reduce your energy consumption in the summer, get rid of ice dams and icicles & make your roof last as long as it should?

Soffits are a part of the home that most people under recognize or under estimate. However, they do a ton of heavy lifting in terms of health of the home and yet, they are commonly overlooked. The fact is – ventilation and airflow is 60% of your attic system, while insulation is 40%. So check on your ventilation system before you replace insulation.

Why Soffit ventilation

Good Ventilation

A soffit provides the final design element to a home for adding ventilation and preventing rainwater from going up under the eaves of the home. Soffits provide ventilation through the rafters and attic area to prevent buildup of humidity and increase the lifespan of roofing material. Replacing soffits should be considered if the material is rotting or causing damage to the substrate below it.